The Origin

Greenlea is a family owned and operated business that traces its roots to the New Zealand east coast town of Gisborne. Peter Egan, Greenlea’s founder, has spent his lifetime working in the New Zealand meat industry, but got his start working in the family’s Gisborne butcher shop in the 1960s. In 1993 Greenlea’s first plant was built on the outskirts of Hamilton and was widely praised in the press for its efficiency. Following the success of the Hamilton plant, Greenlea purchased its second plant in Morrinsville in 1997.

More than twenty years after its first plant was commissioned, Greenlea is still managed by the Egan family. In 2011, carrying on the family tradition, Peter’s son James became chairman of the Greenlea Board of Directors. Tony Egan, Peter’s nephew, also returned to Greenlea after 12 years, as managing director. Peter’s son, Simon, and daughter, Caroline, are also directors on the board.

Greenlea’s family involvement does not end at the board table. The team spirit that pervades the company reflects the values and the strong family culture. Being one team is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. It’s Greenlea’s people working as one team that makes us successful. We’re big enough to achieve but still small enough to care. We’re passionate about our farmers, our products and our story. Get to know Greenlea, and you’ll discover why we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and our amazing 100% grass-fed beef.


At Creekstone Farms, we define quality as excellence or superiority. We strive for that level of quality in everything we do. The Creekstone Farms program is unique to the industry because it combines superior Black Angus & Duroc genetics, exceptional cattle and hog management practices, carefully controlled high-quality feeding and state-of-the-art processing.

Everything we do, from focusing on genetics to closely monitoring processing and production, is all in the name of quality. These standards for quality allow us to produce consistently outstanding products that proudly bear our name.

We work hard to provide a system that is unmatched in the beef industry and helps us deliver consistently high quality products to our customers.


Proudly taking the best New Zealand seafood, meat, vegetables and dairy products to the world. New Zealand is world famous for its clean, green image and the consistently high quality of its produce. Here at Talley’s, we have always been at the forefront of that reputation, priding ourselves on delivering healthy, sustainable, premium quality New Zealand primary produce and food products, harvested by our skilled, hardworking team.

The single significant point of difference for all Talley’s products, beyond impeccable quality, is that they are all grown, harvested and processed in New Zealand by us. We also control our distribution from New Zealand. This means every product has a reassuringly traceable provenance back to the clean, natural seas and fields of New Zealand.


We’re a 10 minute boat ride from Wainui.

Bout the same again” from the headland that separates the harbour from the Southern Pacific Ocean, reckons Duncan Bates as he steps onto the Akaroa Salmon farm that he and his father Tom have built from scratch over three decades.

It’s come over dark. A southerly has blown up from nowhere sending whitecaps sloshing through a dozen or so pens of Chinook salmon. The hills climbing hundreds of metres above the teal-blue waters give some shelter but still, it feels rugged, exposed.

“Yeah, how lucky am I!” says Duncan, his smile as honest and rugged as those hills.

“The evolution of Akaroa Salmon hasn’t been some glorious plan.

“It’s a story about survival.”

It’s a story that began nearly three decades ago after Tom went on a diving trip.



Westhaven Marketing, a privately owned New Zealand company, has been fishing, processing and exporting Littleneck Clams all over the world for more than 30 years. In 1999 Westhaven was awarded the “New Zealand Trade Development Board Export Commendation” for new for its export product. Westhaven is the largest mechanical harvester of Littleneck Clams in New Zealand.


Westhaven’s clam beds are located at Pakawau in Golden Bay at the top of New Zealand’s South Island and the inlets of Otago at the bottom of the South Island. Both areas are among the most remote parts of New Zealand and is famous for their untouched natural beauty and broad sweeping beaches. The Littleneck clams from these beds are unique in the world and are wild caught in a sustainable way. Westhaven holds Quota in Area 7 (Golden Bay- 750 tons) and in Area 3 (Otago -200 tons) with a total Clam Quota 950 tons.


Westhaven operate a large modern pack house which is adjacent to the clam beds in Golden Bay. All clams are harvested from a salt water wet-store pool each day for processing. The wet-store process ensures that all clams are purged of sand and grit before further processing takes place. The frozen Littlenecks Clams are heat-treated in their own natural juices then snap frozen, ensuring their succulent flavor is captured for you to enjoy. Westhaven processing fully complies with all USFDA, EU and New Zealand Food Standards.


Westhaven has a hands-on approach to its fishing and processing operation and the company has only experienced staff handling each part of the operation from fishing, packing to sales.