Meat Men makes shopping for steak dinners, barbeques, and family lunches affordable and easy. We directly import the best gourmet quality meats from all over the world for you at reasonable pricing that you simply can’t get at your local supermarket.

As a no-frills grocer, we cut out the expenses that come with retail store operations and pass on our savings to you. As a direct importer, we source from quality farms to deliver premium cuts of chilled and frozen beef, pork, mutton, lamb, cold cuts, poultry, and seafood, with freshness and hygiene assured.

When it comes to meat, our prime selection ranges from Prime NZ grass-fed, US Black Angus, Australian grain-fed, Japanese wagyu all down to an assortment of berries, dairy, and condiments to pair with your cooking. Once you’ve picked out your next meal, simply order, pay, and collect - it’s that fast and easy.

Our friendly customer service is always ready to help. Got a special request? Talk to us and we’ll be sure to respond in a snap. Just think of us as your friendly neighborhood grocer/butcher who’s just a click away.